How to Mix Fabric Patterns in a Room?

How to Mix Fabric Patterns in a Room?

How to Mix Fabric Patterns in a Room?

Fabrics are one of the chief elements in interior designing and knowing how to get the right mix of fabric patterns can make or break the overall look of a room. From floral designs to stripes and dots, the combinations can be overwhelming. For this reason, fabric color and patterns for designing the interiors can be intimidating but once you understand the basics everything will be easier.

There are different patterns of the fabric that includes geometric, floral motifs, stripes, solids, and Bohemian styled patterns.

Here are a few wonderful tips that will help you in picking the perfect blend of fabric colors and patterns.

Tips for Perfectly Mix Fabric Patterns in a Room

Perfect combination of color and fabric patterns is the key to an appealing room. Whether you want fabric patterns for upholstery, drapes, rugs, or cushions, there are a few tips for you to create an incredible look of the room.

1. Use Colors of the Same Intensity

Different colors in a fabric can saturate the whole space and it might feel cluttered and chaotic. Using the fabric colors with the same intensity and tone enhance the interiors of the room in a pleasant and aesthetic way.

For instance, if your color palette is pastel, go for the same group of colors in fabrics.

2. Choose Different Pattern Sizes

Do not choose the same size fabric patterns. An easy to understand practice is known as 60/30/10 ratio for selected patterns. Large fabric patterns cover most of the room, medium-sized pattern comes next and after that small patterns should be for your accent pieces.

You can apply his method with a variety of patterns. For instance, large floral prints for drapes and rugs, medium sized geometric designs for upholstery fabric, and finally small stripe for cushions to give a final look.

3. Go for a Fewer Patterns

You are not bound to pick just three patterns in your room but it is suggested to choose three or four patterns for a specific space.

Too many fabric patterns may like a mess and do not amplify the overall design of the room. While blending patterns in the right way can energize the space.

4. Create a Balance Visually

This relates to the design balance in the room. Do not keep the patterns on one side of the room but your whole space reflects the beautiful pattern.

Additionally, if you are more interested in geometric designs then avoid mixing it with more eclectic prints. Instead go for solid color that will enrich the fabric patterns and a complete the feel of the entire room.

To get a dynamic look, choosing the right mix of colors and designs is the real key.