Best Modern Farmhouse Decorating Style

Best Modern Farmhouse Decorating Style

Best Modern Farmhouse Decorating Style

The modern decorating style of farmhouse is a unique blend of contemporary design elements with a homely country style. Keeping the right balance adds more beauty, aesthetics and an overall chic look to the space. It permits to put in your own personality on a space while achieving the level of comfort and warmth you desire.

To help you get the perfect modern farmhouse look, here we have compiled a few contemporary styles.

1. Focus on Minimalism

Simplicity is the basic key for creating an appealing farmhouse decorating style. The idea of less is more works great in contemporary farmhouse styles. That’s why it is better to avoid using too many decorative pieces and the type of furniture that takes much space.

Remove all the clutter and keep only required items at the designated place. Sleek and smart looking furniture saves a lot of space and adds cool and modern vibes.

2. Play with Contrast Colors

Picking the right color is one of the several factors that makes up a modern decorating style of a farmhouse.

Using overly bold color palette will make the space look saturated and confined. On the other hand, the use of light color tones such as white, cream, greige, and taupe in contrast with the dark shades can do wonders in your interior. It makes the appearance open and fresh that perfectly matches with the natural feel of the farmhouse.

3. Use Different Materials

To enhance the overall look of the space, the use of different textures for accessories and textiles should not be overlooked.

You can choose a furniture with a distressed finish having scratches and knots that could be combined with textiles of varying texture. Knitted blankets, fur pillows, and natural fiber rugs will help you achieve a stylish looking farmhouse.

Unique textures with the use of different but contrasting colors complete the look of a modern space.

4. Make it Family Style

Today farmhouse decorating style has a modern look but actually it also has warm, welcoming, and friendly vibes.

Using large kitchen counters and tables creates an inviting feeling for the family and friend to sit together. Moreover, the addition of a few benches at tables and bar stools for guests will add more to a relaxed mood.

5. Add Some Greenery

The presence of small pots of plants is sufficient to bring life into your space.

For this your personal taste has significant importance when it comes to choosing the type of plants. For modern farmhouse, the preferred type of greenery is loose branches which brings the mixed look of vintage and natural.

Eucalyptus and cotton branches are perfect in the form of garlands and wreaths. It will work great for front door and interior of the farmhouse.