If you are going to start your Project designing, you might want to start with concepts such as Bedroom, Kitchen, Washroom. Concept can include ideas, Theories, and processes. First we will give you an exact idea for your house or an office, for any project it can be residential or commercial.

project concept

We will take your ideas, what you actually want, then we will give you our suggestions, like what is good or what is bad. Then You will get exact clarity in your mind and we also know what actually our client wants. This is the most important part in Your Project. Give Clearity Take Clearity.


Modelling is a process in which we can create the plan for a Building, Room or other construction project. After Clearity in Process (Concept) We will proceed to our next step modeling.
- First we will make a whatsapp group with our team.
- Then we will send design options according to your choice.
- After Final Design Selection We Make a Proper Moods Board.


Modeling part is important for Designing.In Moods board there is every single detail included: Colour Palette, Type of design (Luxury, Modern, Royal, Simple Basic), Furniture, wall design, ceiling design, floor tiles etc. Through the mood board we have the exact designs that we are going to set in your Project.


It is the process of developing a plan to achieve an objective, a process that includes Research, Production. After Moods Board Final then we will process for our Exact Designs Part, The Designs That is set in your house, office or any project. 3D Designing, The design we will execute.


The time we spent in discussing the Moods Board or concept, the final will now be in front of our eyes.
- In the Designing Part after selection of the final moods board we can’t change designs.
- We Can Change Colour.
- We can add items (extra lights, extra puffy) or if we have any waste space we can add something on that part.
- We Can subtract Items : Lamp, Fan, Chandelier.
- We Can Shift Positions of Items in 3D.
It is very important that clients always keep in mind that once we have selected the design in the mood board, we cannot change it again. It will Take Extra Timing & Extra Cost.


It is the most important step as it determines how well a project will be received by the occupants. When we have a Final Designs File in our hand, we will get our project estimate idea.


The Cost for execution part fully depends on designs & themes we are selecting.
- We will Ensure you Quality Work.
- We will Take full responsibility for your project (house, building, room, office etc.)
- It is turnkey Project Vakshana interior will provide you everything from our End.
Curtains, furniture, wooden work, Electric work, lighting, ceiling, flooring,decor items, fans, rugs etc.
From starting to end we will provide you everything for your house you need. Your Home is our Home, Your Project is our project.