Decorating a Mid-Century Modern Home

Decorating a Mid-Century Modern Home

Decorating a Mid-Century Modern Home

The aim of mid-century modern home designs is to revive the elegance of vintage times with a modern touch. Mid-century design started to gain its popularity in the mid-20th century, began from 1920s and lasted till 1960s. The aesthetics and style of mid-century modern design are pioneered by Corbusier, Charles, Ray Eame, and other designers.

In this guide you will get to know about the fundamental and primary elements of mid-century modern approach in interior designing. It will help you to get inspiration if you want to design your home in this style.

What is Mid-Century Modern Home Design?

The feel of this design is fresh, cool, vintage styled with added comfort from highly practical furniture that never goes outdated.

1. Minimum Ornamentation

Bold styled décor pieces that are made up of wood, marble, steel, glass, and other materials were used in mid-century designs. When fused with the modern style, today you can see the combined ornamentation with vintage and modern styled pieces.

This décor also follows the no-clutter practice and keep the space clean, highlighted, and fully admired.

2. Neutral and Pop Colors

The colors of mid-century palette combine neutral hues with saturated and rich colors. With the idea of bringing nature close, the colors of this style represent earthy feeling through the colors of muddy brown, deep sea-greens, fall orange, and deep red clay.

Bold colors were used in contrast with white, gray, and black to achieve the visual focus to minimal rooms.

3. Combination Texture

Mid-century modern home style tends to incline more towards asymmetrical and abstract pattern but you feel free to use solid colors as well.

The combination textures of natural and man-made materials for different items such as drapes, rugs, furniture and artwork add rustic and vintage statement to the furniture and overall décor. Furniture with sleek lines and curves that focuses more on functionality over fashion adds aesthetics and beauty to the space.

4. Outdoor and Indoor Fusion

The chief emphasis of mid-century modern home design is to bring outdoors to inside by taking full advantage of natural lights, wooden panels, and brick walls.

Commonly large windows are designed to completely get the feel of the outdoors while sitting inside your home. You can also place the plants in the home in a way that enhances the look of the entire space.

5. Lightning Fixtures

Table lamps and floor lamps of mid-century design are inspired by geometric lines and curves. The contrasting and sharp shapes of the light fixtures creates a bold effect. The legs are mostly made up of finished metal or fine wood.

The ceiling lamps in this style are usually made up of metal rods with exposed bulbs. Similar type of lamps is also available in slightly different design.