Architect Work

  • Architecture is a creative and intellectual process that involves the design and construction of works that are chosen with care for their aesthetic effect and functional value. The practice of architecture usually involves several disciplines, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial design. Architectural works can range from drawing up blueprints for buildings to designing buildings down to the smallest detail. On occasion architecture requires architectural design but not physical construction. In this process architects use techniques such as modeling to envision how their ideas will shape up before they are constructed in physical form.
  • Architect Work is the profession that deals with the design and construction of buildings, structures and other works of architecture. The work of an architect includes planning, designing and managing building projects, such as commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels and houses.
    Architecture is a field of human activity and design, which deals with the planning, design and construction of buildings.
  • Architecture requires understanding of the fundamental scientific concepts that guide how to design, construct and build infrastructure, buildings as well as other structures.
  • Architectural work can be different from engineering work because engineering works typically deal with the design, development construction, maintenance, and repair of mechanical devices.¬†Contrarily the architectural field is concerned with the designing and building of structures.
    They ensure that the building’s design is in line with the needs of the customer and the budget.
  • They participate in all stages during the designing process from the beginning of the design process to construction and finally completion.
    An architect could as well be involved in interior design, landscaping as well as furniture design (depending on their area of expertise).
  • An architect can be involved in all aspects of the design process from initial concept to construction documents and site supervision.
  • Architects also manage large-scale construction projects such as airports, office blocks and shopping centres.
  • They often collaborate with contractors or engineers during the construction process in order to ensure that their ideas are implemented exactly as they are they were intended.
  • The architect must be aware of the building codes and regulations while designing structures like office buildings or homes.
  • They also need to be acquainted regarding zoning regulations when planning commercial or multi-family homes in certain areas (or in locations in which zoning laws limit certain kinds of business).
  • It makes designs more appealing and appealing to the customer through drawing more elaborately.
  • Architectural designs can be designed in various formats, such as 2D as well as 3D.

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